Lux Interior tot

Lux Interier, Sänger der Cramps stirbt mit 60 Jahren.

Februar 5th, 2009 | 4 Kommentare ...  

Lux Interior tot
---- R.I.P Lux Interior ----


Kommentare / Comments:

    1. markus  

    …but my bones a-keep on rockin´ long after I´m gone!

    2. Cameron  

    The world is getting more and more boring…
    Goodbye Lux 🙁

    3. Venus Bop  

    this is a sad sad day! and i can only say yes to cameron; the world is getting more boring and boring and not sicker or more sick! The Cramps where always my gasoline for playing in bands and releasing some new vinyl!
    So i can only say, Lux – you will be the biggest fish in the swimmingpool called hell!

    4. hannes  

    Bringe Darkwaver irgendwie nicht mit Cramps zusammen. Komplett andere Welt!!!