When Decadence Arrives

Electrocute, Boy from Brazil, Electronicat, Miss le Bomb, Caramel Empties in the Secret Room/103, Kreuzberg

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When Decadence Arrives

Von AC Horn

So, this was supposed to be the goodbye party for Nicole from Electrocute, who is moving to L.A. Having been there quite a few times myself, I must admit that L.A. is home to a lot of freakish people, and as long as you don´t end up selling your own homemade casting tape to willing Japanese tourists or driving around in a military tank to grab some attention, everything might be fine. When I was in Glamcity a few years ago, I visited SciFi legend Forrest J. Ackerman, checked out the Scientology museum on Hollywood Boulevard, and bought a lot of weird tapes, from fake Super-8 films about the Manson Family to home video trash from a self-proclaimed actor who never made it, though his car starred in the disaster movie ‘Volcano’. I even met the first banned-in-the-US comic artist, Mike Diana, who was exiled from Florida because of obscene drawings that, according to the district attorney, might be an inspiration to serial killers. To sum it up: it´s crazy there.

But for now we are still in Berlin and the first band, Caramel Empties, opens up. A Japanese trio with a girl on vocals, they play slow melodic guitar music with a drummer who partly kicked over his drumkit when ending the set. But I have seen much more extreme drum-destructions in the past, so it didn´t really impress me that much. Altogether a little too nice and cutie-cutie, but if it´s played loud enough it might satisfy.

Next was solo-artist Miss le Bomb presenting some songs out of her repertoire with electronic sound backup, while she was dancing along on stage. One got the impression that if you got something to say, you should get a band to improve this advanced Karaoke thing that might work out for one song but not for a whole set.

After a little break Ghazi Barakat a.k.a. Boy from Brazil was entering the stage, whom I´ve seen at least 10 times and he never disappoints. His artist-name derives from the famous Nazi-cloning movie “Boys from Brazil” by Franklin J. Schaffner (1978). You instantly recognize Boy from Brazil is influenced by the Cramps and if it´s not going on for too long, it is quite entertaining with a high trash factor guaranteed. He was doing the splits, showed off his red underwear and addressed the audience as “Ladies and Gentlebutts”.

Electrocute Photo AC Horn © Dorfdisco 2005

Anyway, I love girl bands since I saw the feminist Yeastie Girls live rapping back in the late 80ties, and later became a fan of L7 and the 7 Year Bitch. Now we got the 2 crazy chicks from Electrocute that released the full length record album “Troublesome Bubblegum” on Emperor Norton Records, not to be confused with the famous & legendary guitar trash Label Norton Records (representing Hasil Adkins, who really is the embodiment of White Trash). I´ve seen Electrocute so many times and must admit they improved their concept over early songwriting efforts such as “Kleiner Dicker Junge”.

The whole live choreography reminds a little of Cobra Killer now, but it´s still unique in the way they are doing it. Austrian blonde Holly was dressed up like a character straight out of Tarantinos Kill Bill. I loved her kinky eyepatch, whereas Nicole looked more like a vaudeville girl. As stated by Nicole in the ARTE feature Tracks, they both have very little tits which one apparently could see, but it doesn´t matter if you deliver anyway which they did. They definitely have a thing for cult movies going on and are obsessed with actress Tura Satana (Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!/Russ Meyer/1965) or the Monte Hellman movie Two Lane Blacktop (1971).

San Francisco burlesque dancer Cookie Tuff joined them during the show, while they were wearing animal masks and Ghazi had his coming out as a gorilla, while taking guitar-playing Nicole on his shoulders. In their encore song, “Fleisch”, Nicole was putting on an ugly Bavarian apron with sausages printed on it, which means she will miss the delicious German cuisine in L.A.. That didn´t keep her from stagediving in the now enthusiastic crowd. Afterwards, Ghazi Dj’d everything from Turbonegro & Cramps to disco, rounding up an outstanding night in the not-so-fancy Club 103 which is a little sober in its interior design.

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