Vitamins and beats with Stinkmitt and Romanteek!

Stinkmitt live at KingKongKlub, 27.10.05

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Vitamins and beats with Stinkmitt and Romanteek!

Von Lady Gaby

Girls rule hip-hop, girls rap, girls scream and do the splits while talking dirty. That’s all I have to say about the performances from Vancouver’s rap duo: Jenni Craige and Betti Forde alias Stinkmitt. When they performed at the hotelbar the stage was not big enough for them while at the King Kong Klub the audience weren’t rowdy enough for them. Their first performance at the hotelbar was merely an aerobic workout and I forgot the towels.

I thought Betti and Jenni were going to slash my Heine but never mind because they projected their sweat on to the adoring audience. I heard one punter call some distant pal who was missing out, “man you gotta get down here and see these gals, they are so disgusting you wouldn’t believe it”. I assumed he meant good disgusting…rock and roll fun, disgusting. He must have because he stayed till the end and came back for more the night after. And yes, they are lewd, crude and a real gender fuck..

Stinkmitt can show anybody who the boss is. They are! Their performances are intense, sweat, love and splits part of their carnival onstage. They rap till the cows go home and their powerful voices are rock and roll bells. They didn’t need any instruments to bring their social commentaries across: belching, bellowing, screaming and rapping were on the menu, all in good tunes, jammed with heavy dance workouts. Jane Fonda’s aerobic class, a tad to slow for their liking.

The band exploded on the Canadian scene only three years ago and they haven’t stopped exploding since. They supported the likes of Peaches and Princess Superstar during their Canadian and American stage romps and even the King of Electroclash Mr Larry Tee was impressed with their act and recorded a song on one of his compilations.

And even though their rap is far off from gangsta rap, it is hard, grinding, funny, disgusting yet very juvenile. Away from prowling on stage as sex kittens ready to lick anyone’s kind handout, they are wild cats ready to kick any opposer in the groin. Check them out at a trailer park where they will be hanging their leotards and their leg warmers up on a clothes line; but that is not to say they are trailer trash victims by any means. Just a couple of strong ladies with hilarious laughs and comical outlook on life. You would never see them on the Jerry Springer show or on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But you might see them in the supermarket cladded in their gym suits buying high power foods and stashing up on towels and vitamin pills.

Photo © Dorfdisco 2005

Gee, after I gobbled this band up with such high energy, another band that gulps down power and vitamin pills were the guest band that supported them, Romanteek from Olympia, USA. A sweet duo in love, Le Matt and Ruby Valentine sang with high energy to match their love for each other; funky rhythms and soulful, electro dubs only to put love back to where it belongs, inside our hearts. I never meant to get all gooey and glued to my seat about love songs, but with Romanteek one cannot help it. Their songs made me realise how empty my world ‘would be without love, without a home, without a place to go’. Seriously …it would be! Empty, unfilled, blank, bare and vacant! A match made in heaven, Romanteek should never break up because the electro world needs new Serge and Jane, Sony and Cher, Lee and Nancy.

I call out to all fans in love because if they want to stay this way, please listen to Romanteek; the band with the name that says it all. A voice reminiscent to Molokos heroine, strung out by funky beats, Ruby Valentine is a classy girl with a classy feminine wardrobe. Glitter dresses fluttered by flowers and ‘out of this shop’ star like glasses, Ruby carries herself on stage like a Lady. But as much as she will drink tea with you, she will taste your whisky when you are not looking. Le Matt is a bloke with a white man’s afro, who will fiddle knobs for new electro and eclectic sounds to come up with that perfect love song but he will pull his guitar strings just as much till he finds that ideal rift to match Ruby’s harmonious and soulful voice. As a support band to Stinkmitt, they were the wind before the storm, setting up the atmosphere, filling the stage with lovey sweet but funky aromas.

Their last concert was at Lovelite (while Stinkmitt played Bastard), where DJ Beatneck simply summed up my own feelings about the band: ‘I love them!’

For each show, Ms Ruby Valentine hid her eyes and flirted with us from behind a new pair of spunky shades…with a fetish she collects them in each city …a new city a new pair of shades… During after show cocktails her Rome shades suddenly disappeared from our table. High on the show, we were too busy to notice but not to drunk to ignore their disappearance. However heartbreaking it was for Ruby to loose her glasses on the night she managed to sleep that night, only to be nicely surprised in the morning before catching their train to Amsterdam, by her shades walking up to her, hobbling on some guy’s face! Can you believe it? Three million people and he walks into me wearing my shades. Better luck next time buddy. Those shades are meant to be with me.

So my Trailer Trash Fun Parties ended how they began, with a great deal of dancing to the sounds of Berlins own pop DJ Geffen3 (at the king kong klub) and Sonja Brex (hotelbar) and with members of the Nothings showing plenty of skin and simulated sex on the dance floor that made me join in as well. As if I was going to stand there like a fishwife and be frigid?? I was part of the sandwich many times but I wasn’t the stripper like Norbert from the Nothings. The only parts of me that stripped were my grazed knees that could be seen through my ripped stockings. I look forward to hosting many more of these Trailer Trash Fun Parties at a venue near you! Just call me! Ha!

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