Scrap Rap Cabaret with Echoes of Shady

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. Bang Bang Club 27/11/08

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Scrap Rap Cabaret with Echoes of Shady
Scroobious Pip, Photo Eva Bruhns, Dorfdisco 2008


Wednesday saw Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip play their first ever German gig at Berlin’s Bang Bang Club. It kicked off the start of a mini-tour that takes in Düsseldorf and Munich.

These two hyper literate, proto Dickensian and oh so post-modern types, make a blippy stripped out-hip hop, a scrap rap cabaret. Their set kicked off with The Beat That My Heart Skips, Scroobius stroking his voluminous beard before launching into his flow. Dan Le Sac supplied the looping sub Timbaland beats and there were smiles all round as flow Mr Pip did, “They told us at Moto that you fuckers would just stand around – but your swaying a bit. That’s good!”

Rocking the mike with echoes of Shady’s narratives (the misogynist bile sumararily dumped in favour of candour, cabaret and wit) they tore through their set. Pip, already fast, was sometimes too fast to follow to Berlin ears. The Periodic Table made an appearance (it’s not often that this phrase appears in the context of a hip hop review). Produced from the old leather suitcase in which Scroobius kept his many changes of costume, a bus driver’s hat, a tie, though not his biblical beard. “I’m just a series of wars” he confided, before slumping back on the sofa and then rebounding for Thou Shalt Always Kill, a series of Beatish edicts to the path of musical righteousness. It’s funny and it’s smart. Check out the camped up TSAK De La Soul Edit at their myspace page.

Letter from God to Man below.

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