Peaches brought Herms to Berlin

Live at Postbahnhof, 7.09.06

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Peaches brought Herms to Berlin
Peaches Live at Postbahnhof, Berlin, 07.09.06, Photo O.Shunt, Dorfdisco 2006

Von Lady Gaby

The all girl band led by the Peach herself had more than enough fire underneath their silver space gear to make the show ‘so not mainstream’.

Put a large pinch of electro glam into a bowl of rock and roll let it froth hard for a while on stage at Postbanhof and what do you get? My favourite feminine “dish delicious” Peaches & Herms dessert. And how did that taste like? Well what can I tell you? Nothing sour got stuck between my teeth and my tummy didn’t hurt but rumbled from the imposing stage show. The all girl band led by the Peach herself had more than enough fire underneath their silver space gear and entertained us all, raw.

The show began with our noses turning away from the stage to witness Peaches elevated on scaffolding at the side of the stage, her face covered by a silver Muslim veil her crouched body held up by a security guard. And guess where his glance was staring? At her Peach. Yet again his eyes didn’t have much choice. Peaches all clad in silver gear with sexy boots that said hello to her beef curtains got physical straight away. After the opening number she bounced off the scaffolding to grace the stage.

Her band with such hefty rock and roll credits up their sleeves couldn’t get more illustrious: on drums Samantha Maloney who rolled her sticks for bands like Hole, Motley Crue and Eagles of Death Metal; on guitar Radio Sloan who played with my favourite Hole, Courtney Love and on Sequencer and Guitar, JD Samson from Le Tigre. Female power or what? The stage reeked of it; with no signs of PMTS or other Female Tensions…maybe it was all buried in the instruments.

Peaches Live - Photos © Dorfdisco 2006

Peaches Live - Photos © Dorfdisco 2006

Peaches – Photos © Dorfdisco 2006
The band were her Base. They were her dancers, her mates, and geniuses revolving their instruments to give the show a full and complicated sound. Together with Peaches they were the rock and roll unit from Heaven. Bad girls have more fun they say…I say fast girls do it better. The drummer had the energy and technique of a Yo Yo in full swing. Radio Sloan was in her own musical sphere while JD’s eyes hid behind thick dark glasses, her hands pushed all the buttons with clock work precision. And Peaches when she wasn’t on stage kicking and screaming, she dived off into the amorous hands of her fans and walked all over them.

Peaches proved how proud she was of her band by giving them all medals when the show ended and like a gang of hoons, all clad in silver, with the name Peaches & Herms painted in big glossy letters on the back of their jackets. You could feel that LA gang influence right away.

But before I close the curtain on the show I better pull it open and go back to the start. Peaches offered an array of songs that stretched back to the beginning of her electro clash career that audiences went nuts for till new jewels from present album. The band’s presence empowered the energy of her songs as well as her performance seemed more embellished while her movements proved to be more confident than on previous occasions.

Her stage show as sleazy as ever took a hilarious stab at stadium rock and the typical ‘Spinal Tap’ grand rock and roll shows of the 70s with props such as large dicks, glam and glittery costumes, guitar solos and a BMX bike ride over cables and cups. Her costume changes were as quick and witty as her tongue: glittery bras came on and off, silver boots trotted a few heads, sporty foot wear for her stage dives, glamorous capes blowing under dim stage lights while accessories such as black dog collars with wrist cuffs to match became her props. My favourite fashion article was her shiny pink and black cape that stretched from one arm to the other. Her power oozed through a pair of sexy black stockings and platform silver boots which she wore at the after party as well. And her underwear fitted her buttocks like cooking gloves.

When the gigantic dick collapsed Peaches begged for help to have it erected again because she ‘wasn’t the penis doctor after all, like everybody thought’. The sexy roadies came with a stretcher and carried the deflated organ away. This spoof reminded me of Wayne Bobbitt’s ‘cut incident’. It matched Peaches’ uncut sense of humour. The first set ended with the infamous Fuck the Pain Away. When the audience screamed for more, she answered innocently from backstage ‘I performed Fuck the Pain Away what else do you want’? Poking fun at herself as usual makes her ‘the innocent type’ while dishing out scorn at the weakness of the opposite sex turns her into a ‘fatherfucker.’

She ended the show with a large smile. ‘Berlin is my home’ she reminded all of us who believed that the queen of electro made LA her new residence. Peaches showed gratitude towards her audience with jokes, laughter and having fun onstage. The band shared her sentiments as well. Like Peaches they were so ‘chilled’ and in candid moods throughout the performance. The drummer and Peaches threw a great drum duet on the snare that seemed to satisfy the both of them. It all seemed like just another day at the office.

‘Impeach my Bush’ is the name of the new album and what she really means is Impeach Bush. Once again she has managed to keep all subtleties flowing in her lyrics and throughout her stage show. Peaches is still at the top of the politically incorrect world by being spot on and PC, as well as an empowered dark feminist. Her songs haven’t changed their tunes but grew in a distinctive direction: heartened, tougher and more rock and roll for the fan’s ear. And I love it, this fusion of electro with rock and roll. Without begging for it this gives her more credit. She can even play guitar when she wants to. We all knew that so much of Joan Jet’s phantom trampled inside Peaches’s spirit as a rock and roll performer. And Joan Jet alongside other female musicians is a guest on Impeach My Bush cementing more glam to the new record.

At the after show party at Rio, Peaches seemed relaxed and unabashed by either fame or exhaustion. Her roadies were glad that the show was over and that Peaches didn’t take a slide over the many plastic cups thrown onstage. ‘We thought the audiences didn’t like her show when we saw so many empty cups on stage and our job was to clean them up as soon as possible so she wouldn’t slide and break her neck. If her neck brakes then there is no show and we don’t have a job anymore.” The cups were thrown in the spirit of appreciation I told one of the roadies. “In the States they are thrown in the spirit of disdain”, he mentioned. Does that sound like a mainstream show to you? Someone who was present only at the after show party asked me: “Was it mainstream?” Now just because bands become popular and don’t do shows inside underground dives any longer, doesn’t mean they get credit in the straight world. And with that in mind I kept on partying till my knee bandage strangled my fun.

A bunch of us ended the night at Rio by dropping Peaches off in front of a hostel. Although Berlin is her home and she could have actually slept in her own bed, she lost the key to her apartment, hence the night at the hostel.

And what a funny sight it was watching the back of Peaches, the glamorous diva, making her way amongst the city’s debris and chaos from the never ending building sites of East Berlin, her maverick spirit dragged on by spacey, sexy platform boots.

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