Jailhouse Punk – Elvis Birthday Gala at Festsaal Kreuzberg

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Jailhouse Punk – Elvis Birthday Gala at Festsaal Kreuzberg
Khan at the Elvis Gala, 8.1.2005, Photo by A.C. Horn © Dorfdisco 2005

Von AC Horn

So what the hell does the birthday of Elvis Presley mean to you? Did you ever like listening to rockabilly music or do you know about Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee? Elvis introduced this musical style in 1954 with „That´s alright Mama” on the aforementioned label. But honestly speaking, I could never really relate to that american icon of splendid lifestyles and swiveling hips and I will never grow sideburns.

For me it´s merely historic but otherwise you should´t be too ignorant to those ghosts of the past, especially if you listened to that kind of music on your cassette recorder as a kid before purchasing your first AC/DC record. An anagram of Elvis can mean „lives” and that term might incorporate everything about his 70th Elvis birthday party at the Kreuzberger Festsaal, where formerly turkish weddings were held.

Some huge Limo in front of the building tried to upscale the place that is honestly speaking pretty basic in decor and soon it was all sold out. A projected video-collage by Safy Etiel introduced us to the topic, whereas his collaborator (from the Snipers Club) Heinrich Dubel was conducting verbally through the evening. Appropriately dressed up he presented a couple of so-called theorists as opening acts that tried to say something meaningful but it all went into hot air. Somebody should have told something conspirative as e.g. Elvis liked to introduce his later Shows with music from Kubricks „2001″ which is considered a prophecy concerning his date of death on 16.8.1977 (when you sum up the numbers they match with the concept). But maybe it was only his twin brother who died or you should check out the „Elvis Files” documentary, which deals with the legend that he was seen and heard after his official exitus.

Jiggling movie excerpts from the 1965 Elvis Film „Harum Scarum” could be seen on a drapery and even though I didn´t do drugs at that part of the evening, Elvis had four eyes when singing to some exotic beauty. Luckily the program went on to the rocking part, where plenty of Berlin based acts did sent out their Elvis birthday message. In most cases more selfreferential and maybe Angie Reed was the closest to being a dedicated Elvis fan when entering the fanclub with the age of 8. Numberous acts changed from main stage to the gallery and we had them all from Jeans Team to Gina D´Orio (honoured by dedicated fans later on).

Best acts included Sedlmeir, Khan and Schneider TM Experience (if I´m right) and the Boy from Brazil hailed Elvis with the Kenneth Anger movie „Scorpio Rising”; the first film containing popular Rock n´Roll Music in form of a semi-narrative experimental music-clip. My favorite blond fashion designer screamed „homosexual, homosexual” and another agent provocateur in the audience (by the name Mario Mentrup) tried to steal the show with merciless stage-diving and other annoying actions, but it was all good fun.

Final performance by white trashers The Nothings made up for some punkish Rock n´Roll (their best show to date); when I tried to jump up in front of the stage, it was so slippery you could hardly stay afoot because it resembled more some sort of beer-skating than a dancing effort. After the final chords it went to Dj-ing and I lost track of my alcoholic consumption, so I just danced on. Nothings’ frontman Lobotomy, who is also recommended as one of the most dedicated underground Djs in Berlin, also agreed the next day that it was good Dj-ing. Alright, to cut a long story short: Mondo Elvis lives on!

Dancing to The Nothings @ Elvis Birthday Gala,  Photo by A.C. Horn © Dorfdisco 2005

Dancing to The Nothings @ Elvis Birthday Gala, Photo by A.C. Horn © Dorfdisco 2005

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