It was Mignon’s night

Mignon live at Bastard, 27/6/2002

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It was Mignon’s night
Mignon at Bastard 27/6/2002, Photo © Dorfdisco 2002

Von Lady Gaby

Crowds were rushing in for the anticipated concert from the Queen of Darkness, Mignon, while her bosom buddies, Cobra Killer were spinning some “white trash goodies” that had the whole room echoing with the likes of The Seeds, Thirteen Floor Elevators, Cramps, Born Bad Compilation Jewels; garage psychedelic surf guitar and other sounds who taught the Fuzz tones how to play, kind of thing.

“Has she come in yet? I am on the guest list, what do you mean you can’t see my name…I am a friend of hers…” were the pleading gestures of one punter with no money but lots of determination to get in.

The night vended away with some obscure group from the States taking the first step towards our entertainment. Much impression they didn’t stir amongst the crowds however there were a few enthusiasts tapping their toes away on the old hard bitumen DDR floor inside the club Bastard in Prenzlauer Berg. Their music tasted rather than totally sucked and we endured some beautiful moments of pop wants to meet punk but has gone down the wrong lane. The girly in the band was jumping up and down behind her synthesizer producing tunes very much in the awe of Echo and the Bunneymen meets Psychedelic Furs twenty years later. The guitarist shy as a coconut tree banged his instrument into melodic riffs followed by moments of industrial riffs all endowed with nice pop grooves. Both members of the band (whose name escaped into my own oblivion or was hidden behind the Martinis I drank that night) looked too “clean and innocent” to be playing in a band which produced moments worth stage climbing for. The lyrics didn’t come out properly, though, ending up in slurs of words thrown into the air. Nevertheless, the pre-recorded samples mixed in with their live performance embellished the whole act, creating a good balance, and shifting the course of the songs onto various musical paths.

A while later the stage shook and the fans got ready to greet their idol by lifting their arms in admiration: Mignon left behind her fan club, jumped on stage, and began to electrify our senses with her reckoning voice. The girl is a dynamite performer with lots of tricks down her fishnet stockings. Displaying the punk ethos: cock-teasing, leather, sexy energy, face paint, rips and loads of hairspray, Mignon brings back the 80’s with style and anarchy in her performance, somehow still very feminine. She is hardcore without being a brute.

As a sex kitten on the prowl, Mignon enticed the audience to many purring songs. One of the favourites with the crowd happened to be the Pussy Cat song – the boys in the front row just lapped up her feline moves. But one annoying feature was a photographer whose only shots were of Mignon’s crotch, but he got his head rubbed against her pussy (she should have suffocated him with her thighs) several times much to everyone’s envy.

Mignon’s songs were very diverse, a signature I most admire in musicians; those who have the ability to take you on different musical journeys ranging from industrial dance numbers to electronic beats all matched by a very energetic performance (in Mignon’s case). Although very much staged, the show had spontaneity about it and many guests endowed the stage with their talents The first was the Devil with the horns and a wagging tail stripper who shed her PVC red costume to expose a leather g-string, a very long and voluptuous body, but with normal sized- breasts for once. None of these Pamela Anderson balloons so many girls who choose to take their clothes off for a living, display. Their staged bondage little number was amusing without any pretensions to be shocking.

A duet with Peaches followed and both turned into “very bad girls” bringing each other on their knees, stomping on stage and falling backwards with their legs open only to display very sexy lingerie. Mingon is one performer who doesn’t alienate her audience but mingles and cock teases them, bringing back on stage sexy girls and staging brawls for the sake of laughter rather than displaying dysfunctional anger or rage. She is professional enough to take her music seriously yet a prankster without the pretence of being a “performance artist”. This seems to be the nuance in rock and roll again. Away from the angst -ridden pathos of 90’s grunge, yet with the same assault on music, society, gender roles, sexuality, with its borders stretched to include fun and naughtiness without losing the quality of music. These girls just wanna have some fun with the help of their mostly female fan clubs who looked like they just “recovered” from work-out in a gym rather than a dirty shag in the boys toilet. Their fashion just-remember-Olivia-Newton- John-in-Let’s-Get-Physical. “It was Mignon’s night” seemed to be the verdict and the rumour is that she joined Lydia Lunch’s label.

The audience? The cream of the cream, Berlin’s most interesting mixed bag of stylish riff-raffs.

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