Hip City Circus Dwarfes

The Dwarves, Hippriests, Sin City Circus Ladies at Kato, 15.3.2005

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Hip City Circus Dwarfes

Von AC Horn

After my arrival at the KATO Club, I spent most of my time drinking beer close to the merchandise stand because there were always intersting remarks by the guy who ran it. He told us that because people back home tend to eat too much fast food American shirts are always so oversized (!), or that he is indeed not here to invade our country…

Indeed! Berlin’s alternative Zitty magazine wrote that Bush-America needs the Dwarves, but in the past the band was not so much about politics as they were about craziness and silliness such as pornographic and provocative acts. Their message is high-energy speed punk and lovemaking in the backseat of their car. The „Blood Guts & Pussy” Album had one of the most infamous record covers in music history, and belongs in every underground collection; later updates with other chicks n´dwarves images were catchy, but lacked the edginess of the original. Earlier Shows in Germany included everybody being naked and a nazi uniform, so the stakes were high.

For yet another night, The Hippriests were opening act with Bandleader Martin Rabitz’ endless rambling speeches of sexual lore, like sticking fingers up his ass or performing multiple sexual sklerose acts in front of the stage. He pretends to be a sexual deviant, whereas the band looks like a bunch of costume-party hillbillies with a guitarist playing his instrument strapped on too tight and wearing a small straw hat, which can´t conceal the fact that his sunglasses make him resemble more the likes of Godard. Nevertheless, they did their best warming up the large crowd with their noisy Punk n´Roll, which was quite effective because of the powerful sound equipment. But sooner or later they had to make room for the next act.

Shamboo of Sin City Circus Ladies, Photo by AC Horn, © Dorfdisco 2005

Shamboo of Sin City Circus Ladies, Photo by AC Horn, © Dorfdisco 2005

The Sin City Circus Ladies! This trash-punkish group started out on Berlin street corners and subway stations, but inexhaustibly worked its way up, and its members deserve every bit of respect they get now. Together with guitarist Tom (formerly Jingo the Lunch) — a true maniac, totally obsessed with his instrument — and ex-Terrorgruppe drummer Steve Machine, contra-bassplayer Lloyd and blonde supersexy Trinity look like the perfect Psychobilly couple from hell, while taking singing turns with shockstar Shamboo from Paris, whose organ is just mind-shattering.

Every second of the show is a perfect still image that should be captured on camera. I´ve seen a lot of shows with those insaniacs and even travelled around for a special show in the spooky Leipzig „Bimbo Town”. They were playing almost every song in their repertoire and I was dancing front row all the time. But everything good has to come to an end, and after the last tunes, I picked up another drink at the bar.

Then the Dwarves entered the stage. After 20 years of ravaging the stages only two members of the original formation remain active: singer/frontman Blag Dahlia (bodywise the exact opposite of a dwarf) and guitarist “He-who-cannot-be-named”, still completely naked with a wrestling-mask, probably hiding some sort of elder frying pan accident. Also no comments were made: just one plain punkrocker after the other, and, because it´s simple go-for-it music, I instantly joined the pit to get lost in the fast pulsating beats. I don’t know if they ever were more aggressive towards the audience, but Blag Dahlia was just crowd surfing and it was all about some old energy, not violence. Where they famous for short sets, this one went on for an hour lengthwise, with no final encore given.

With my head only loosely attached to my neck from intense banging, I strolled around the location to clear out a bit when I thought that one cool thing about being a music journalist is that even when something like taking a leak in a filthy toilet suddenly takes on a cultural meaning, you can write about it, even if you were only checking the loo hallway for formidable tour posters to steal from the club.

So I kind of bumped into a blonde filmproducer friend of mine and out of fun, bit her earlobe a bit too hard. I excused myself by buying her one of these Dwarves condoms packaged with the skull-and-two-crossed-cocks motif when I asked her the last question: are the Dwarves considered safer sex now? Her answer was: Who knows? They still have to shrink or die!

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