Girls on Rock

Peaches, Mignon, Cobra Killer live at Revolver, Melbourne

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Girls on Rock
Peaches at Revolver/ Melbourne, Photos © Dorfdisco 2002

Von Lady Gaby

Girls on Rock glamed up Melbourne’s stage to super heights, defining new ways for girls to rock and stomp. Cobra Killer were a killer, (excuse the pun), waving patriotic flags and pouring booze onto their steaming breasts while stage diving in stilettos – I would love to see Marilyn Manson do that…

The girls proved they had tits and guts, trusting the sweaty hands of all the horny desperadoes in the audience while being passed around like joints from smoker to smoker and then being dumped back on to the hard edged stage with blood on their knees. Armed with wise cracks, “posh” accents, bottles of wine and sticky rice, Cobra Killer were a hard act to follow but Mignon, Peache’s side kick managed to focus our attention away from their lacy dresses, push up bras, spaghetti, the Berlin Bear and stiletto shoes on to her fishnet stockings, bondage and chains.

Cobra Killer and Mignon at Revolver, Melbourne.

Cobra Killer and Mignon at Revolver, Melbourne. Pic © Dorfdisco 2002

A “voice” to be reckoned with, Mignon’s energy resembled Tina Turner’s (supporting Mick Jagger), prancing around the stage and holding the mike like you would a dildo, with pleasure and vengeance. Without any ego problems this queen of the dark displayed her own electronic mysteries and called out for Peaches…

“The only one peach with a hole in the middle” made her appearance in virginal white boots pointing them at the audience. Then she rocked on taking us from electronically “fucking the pain” away to purely punk of fuck and shit. Her wild romps proved rather a shocker to some of the hung up, dried up, pussy whipped Aussie boys while her kitten like moves were an eye candy for all the smitten females with orgasms off stage.

The duel of the dildoes was the highlight as Peaches and Mignon battled it out after their Nurses with attitude outfits came off. However the best “Glam rock performance art bit” was when they all graced the stage playing air guitars, head-banging to Led Zeppelin while Mignon on spread-wide legs gave birth to a toy (guitar). Spitting blood at each other while squeezing their buttocks inside g-strings, Mignon and Peaches were Wonder Women who showed us all that girls just wanna have fun. Cobra Killer were the mob of vixen, the wenches, the ultimate deities on a super platform where performance art meets fast orgasms. AND their music wasn’t bad either.

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