A windtunnel of Shriek and Scree

Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, West Germany 25/03/09

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A windtunnel of Shriek and Scree
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji as seen by David Selden, Dorfdisco 2009


The “Aftershow Party” for Jonathan Richman, Heatsick / Swearing at Motorists / Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, hastily scrawled in black marker pen, seemed a perfect way to get the taste out of my mouth but not many others seemed to be taking the bait.

A shame ‘cos the harsh black noise of Heatsick was summoning them up the stairs to West Germany.

A minor contretemps at the door almost led to me being denied entry to the deserted venue when it was revealed I was on the guest list for Richman, an understandable desire to keep the riff-raff out.

Dave Doughman had too few motorists to swear at to bother putting up much of a fight and I was busy bending the ear of Wooden Veil’s drummer with complaints about preceding gig (he had never heard of the Modern Lovers).

Headliners Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, from Paris assaulted the tiled space with a catastrophe of noise. At first feral and unstructured, a pulse began to emerge as Janin stabbed some kind of black box drum sampler with her finger and Charles spazzed out on his Mustang.

The sheer distort and volume were a calculated assault, but braving the windtunnel of shriek and scree, sampled blast beats half lost in a wall of static and feedback, differentiation emerged, just, in their short, violent set.

Janin of Blue Sabbath Black Fiji as seen by,yes, David Selden, Dorfdisco 2009

Janin of Blue Sabbath Black Fiji as seen by,yes, David Selden, Dorfdisco 2009

Afterwards Janin complained of technical problems and told me that she was reading a biography of Dee Dee Ramone in French. I chatted a bit to Charles about Les Rallizes Denudes, Whitehouse and RTX (they supported the latter, “man those guys were cool”, of the former he’s also fan). They have played a lot of festivals and reckon that the Miami noise scene is the best. He’s hot for AC/DC, but not the new stuff, pysch metal, Skullfower. He told me they are playing the Smell in L.A soon and they both love the Ramones and that I should check out The Laundry Room Squelchers.

At the moment Blue Sabbath Black Fiji are based in Glasgow, touring. For all the aggression of their anti-music, as is the way of the scene, Charles and Janin are very chilled, happy to talk shit with a stranger.

Dorf blagged a copy of Stamini Stamina, there latest, strictly limited release and will give it away once we have devised a fiendishly difficult question……


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    1. wooden veils drummer  

    haha…yeah, i must admit, i wasnt familiar with solo music of jonathan richman. but for the retrieval of my honor: of course i know the modern lovers!;)

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