Team Plastique

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Team Plastique

Von Lady Gaby

Australian Émigrés, Team Plastique have taken refuge in Berlin since 2004. Two girls and one boy constitute this magnificent trio, which is more than just a band; Team Plastique’s unique and dexterous combination of music, fashion and performance art has proven to be the formula for stirring up even Berlin’s ‘too cool for words’ audience: Don’t just show your tits; show your tits and throw potato chips at them (for instance). Despite their decadent and raunchy behavior on stage, they still manage to remain cute, cuddly and lovable. That’s what makes Team Plastique so goddam special.

Dorfdisco : Do you feel that being a berlin-based band gives you several ‘cool points’ to start your musical career with, regardless of your musical project?

Team Plastique : Yes definitely, the great thing about Berlin is that there are so many artists from all over the world living here. Every time you go out, you meet the most interesting and inspiring people and you can really feed off each other. For this reason, I think Berlin’s great for anyone embarking on any artistic project. Also, you don’t have to work so much to pay the rent….this means you have much more time to think and hang out with your peeps.

Dorfdisco : What is your most frequently purchased item from the supermarket?

Team Plastique : We buy pineapples regularly as we always perform with a pineapple on stage. We come from Queensland, the Pineapple heartland of Australia; this paradise place with no winter, but really fucked up and conservative. Berlin’s cold, but so much better for us culturally. We realize now how much we’ve been twisted by our Pineapple homeland so we always savagely destroy a pineapple on stage as part of our show. It’s a kind of therapy…

Dorfdisco : Is it easier to survive as a musical act in Berlin than it is in Australia?

Team Plastique : Artists get paid better in Berlin than in Australia and it costs less to live here, but surviving here has been tough as we have to deal with another language, finding a job (which is so tough in Berlin) and being totally displaced from your support network of friends and family. It has definitely been a difficult move for us, but it’s also been a great adventure and we’ve learned a lot and I think our work has improved a lot too as a result.

Dorfdisco : Do you believe in destiny?

Team Plastique : Yes, I think things kind of fall in place often at the right time, you just have to be open to it.

Dorfdisco : You look very sexy when you’re on stage. Do you feel sexy?

Team Plastique : Right now I have a pimple on my chin so not really, but yes, I do feel sexy on stage. We feel comfortable not wearing many clothes and just releasing our crazy personas on stage. We aren’t the most beautiful girls in the world and we’ve never pretended to be, instead we are just happy and liberated and that is sexy. Far sexier than being hung up about trying to be beautiful…but then again we love looking kind of ugly too and doing stuff on stage like graffitiing our bodies with marker pens…We believe that vanity is a big block to creative freedom and really one of the downfalls of the Electro Clash phenomena. So yes, vanity is something we really fight against.

Dorfdisco : You just toured in Italy. How does the audience in Italy differ from the German one?

Team Plastique : Italian audiences were much more outgoing and loud and we had crazy, hot punk boy fans keep our urine in jars…now if that’s not cool I don’t know what is…oh yes.

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