The Weegs

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The Weegs


Freitag, 21.4. Golden Gate, 23h

Dorfdisco & Hungry Eye presents:
THE WEEGS (San Francisco/Hungry Eye Rec.)
support: 3 Punkt Bande (Original-Punk, Berlin mit Anton Garber)

DJ Dan Scheme (Hungry Eye Records / New York)
DJ Snakefinger (Berlin)
DJ Shunt (dorfdisco)

Electronoise, Artpunk, Post Rock, Psychepop

MP3s: M.I.A.

The Weegs (Hungry Eye)


On “The Million Sounds of Black”, the Weegs return to Hungry Eye with a second full length of tripped out distorto-skronk. They take their craggly claw, latch onto early American punk/ post-punk (like Pere Ubu or Devo) and California “no wave” (like Pink Section, Nervous Gender, or Minimal Man), and drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Now even more entrenched in a crypto-sarcastic anonymity that recalls the Residents or the Sun City Girls, their disjointedly pulsing rhythm throbs along with hypnotic bursts of feedback and noise that would do Arto Lindsay proud. This art-damaged racket is still uncannily musical, like some freak-beat psych band gone horribly wrong.

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