Sonic Youth -Corporate Ghost – The Videos: 1990-2002 (Geffen)

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Sonic Youth -Corporate Ghost – The Videos: 1990-2002 (Geffen)

Von AC Horn

Twenty three highly artistic music-clips from their time on Geffen records and plenty of bonus material, like puppet-animation (done by fans), are encoded on this definitive Sonic Youth DVD. After the grungy opener Dirty Boots, you have nine clips from the Goo Album, three from Dirty and a couple of others. The presented material ranges from hand painted experimentals with an edge of Stan Brakhage, to bigger budget clips that played on MTV but still retain the arty warholian glamour that defines the visual style of Sonic Youth. There are tons of different techniques involved, from Super-8 to Fischer Price Pixelvision Camera in the vein of Sadie Benning (reshot material from TV-screens, meets archival found footage). It’s a heaven for every friend of experimental unusual cinematic experiments. Directors like Spike Jonze and Todd Haynes are represented and even the very special Harmony Korine (director of Gummo) contributed a clip. Unfortunately the gory Charles Manson inspired, Death Valley 69 (1986) is missing, which is totally essential for me as an obsessive Richard Kern Fanatic (there is Scooter & Jinx from R. Kern on the DVD but it´s not that good. The first two thirds of the clips were better and rougher that the rest, where it´s goes a little soft and melancholic I found my concentration fading. There is detailed audio commentary for every clip and statements by the video directors and the people involved (Mike Watt, Kathleen Hanna and others).

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