Race 61 – Shit On Flames (Kerosin Berlin)

Cleverly cut and only 13 minutes long, A.C gets the horn for shit on flames

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Race 61 – Shit On Flames (Kerosin Berlin)

Von AC Horn

Did you ever think about taking your Mad Max film experience to the limits? O.K. here’s a short glimpse of what it could be like in the real world. In August 2003 the Race 61 Team organized a Hot Rod and motorbike race at the premises of the Finowfurt aviation museum, a huge graveyard of old aircraft in a former Russian airbase. If you know it, you’ll know the Endzeit scenery is the ideal backdrop for a contest of oldstyle motorama from 1900 to 1961.

The DVD-portrait of this, mostly male oriented, outlaw sports event is about smothering wheels and tough-as-hell-guys to the soundtrack of Danko Jones, Monster Magnet, Overseer, Mirwais, Mikrowelle and Paul Newman (no commentary, no spoken words). The music-clip style DV-film is following the event continously, is cleverly cut and only 13 minutes long. Smatka Molot is in it and the only criticism I could add is that it looks too much like a promotional film with too many www-references on the cover. It was screened at the White Trash bar for Dj-ing visuals and its definitely worth the effort. Latetly were some rumours about a Hot Rod porn movie thats available on DVD from Big Block productions. It´s out now under the self-referential title Cool Jerks on Earth, but be warned, in comparism to Shit on Flames it´s a total sucker and amateurishly made. Does anybody want to see some macho skinheads fucking a blond prostitute intercut with shaky grainy race/skateboard/bike shows? My respect to the courage of the sporting performers, but they don´t deserve something like this. The musical selection alone makes clear that Cool Jerks has no style. Somebody should pick up the idea and do a better job. So get hold of the Race 61 release, if you are a dedicated fan of this particular scene. It´s a rough life, so enjoy the beautiful smell of kerosine, but don´t stick a spark plug up your ass while watching.

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