NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: One night stand nipples in Madame Claudes Cellar

Ent / Black Trashhh! / Penelopex /Stupidity / Madame Claude 28/4/08

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NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: One night stand nipples in Madame Claudes Cellar
Ent at Madame Claudes in Kreuzberg, Photo by D. Selden, Dorfdisco 2008


RA – Madame Claude delivered a strange set of avant potato wirers, bliptronic, wer-beat Italo noisesceners and no-name dissonance-niks from a Kiez near you. First up tonight, Ent – laptop fiddlers from Italy, who tweaked insistent and sometimes inconsistent beats out of two mactops and a mixing board with a mixture of disdain and ferocity usually reserved for one night stand nipples.

The tyranny of the beat asserted itself early but weird tweaks kept it to the wrong side of Add N To X . Surprise – dancebility was a distinct possibility. Wonky glitch met the odd recycled riff and heads bobbed appreciatively.

Upstairs, in the hell cellar that is Madame C’s, the upside down theme was grating a little. Macumbista, all the way from the U.S.A, soothed nerves with hardcore and metal in the guise of Black Trashhhhhh!

Where’s the shriek? We need the shriek!

Instead: “Ambient and Human emotions in broken melodie.”

– (at least, according to her myspace page,) were provided by Penelopex and proved to be a dissonant hiss, extending to pleasant O-mind feedback courtesy of a Mac, fuzz pedal, squawk box and mixing desk. As is regulation in noise circles the logo was obscured by an X of black masking tape.



A surprisingly chilled crowd sat on the damp stone floor and met the final eruction of fried sine static with restrained applause.

Due to stupidity I managed to miss Stupidity but then it is possible, given the somewhat esoteric nature of the evening’s entertainment, that their set may have lasted a microsecond, was played only in microsound, or perhaps they just didn’t show up.

Pickled Feet ( or possibly Stupidity, or was it the impenetrably named -xxxxx/mh/others? ) smelt bad. Sulphur and explosives – a blow torch applied to wired potato batteries. The tin foil cook-up of noise junkies bent on bending circuits to their weird voodoo wills. A wall of static, as resistance proved futile beneath the flame.

Their website seems dedicated to the finer things in life, noise, food, free software and some truly terrifying anti-musical instruments, which seem to occupy an intriguing space between analogue and chemical instability. Strictly for those who know how to (and enjoy) dodging fireworks.

a blow torch applied to wired potato batteries Pic by D.Selden © Dorfdisco 2008

Pickled Feet:a blow torch applied to wired potato batteries Pic by D.Selden © Dorfdisco 2008

The cellar was soon filled with a stench of limping, ugly feedback, as the last potato gave up the ghost and the failing batteries provided an final, empty, glitch and howl, a harshtronic sound culture grown like mould and then abruptly exterminated.

This was the torch song of arsonists, midnight fire-starters, bathtub chemists and amateur bomb makers – coalescing into the twittering feedback that filled Madame Claude’s Cellar. As polluting and subversive as only trash can be and leaving a healthy cloud of gunpowder in the air, as the single electric bulb that lit their set was extinguished.


Penelopex (IT) – has fuzzbox, is not afraid to use it.

Macumbista dj (USA) – has tattoos, moustache and a boy living in his mouth. Available for parties.

Stupidity (JP/CH) – M.I.A

xxxxx/mh/others (DE/UK) – mmmm – toys!

Madame Claude – Bar for common people.

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