Methylated Spirits

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Methylated Spirits
A methylated John Evans rocks raunchy enuff for the Razzle Dazzle - Photos © Dorfdisco 2000


Jon Evans, Australian comrade singer in Berlin always hard on the hill rides this one down from Prenzlauer Berg to the Razzle Dazzle, where they performed on the xy dec. with Brother B&A.
Die Lichter gehen an und der Sound eines rollin Thunderbird twisted and deseased, from the lowlands of Northern Australia, kontra shrink and in front of a bunch of girls dancing to their dump raunchy always doomed rock, laying down nearly 200 people, lads ‘ n bikers who came up for a methylated sniff of beer.

More like real hangout rockers they formed in a bar called Gentlemen’s Ruin and founded themselves on a drunken evening. Now they try to achieve a completely over-driven style of bands like the MC5, the Sex Pistols, the Sonics and the autistic coolness of the Stooges, Ramones etcetera. They do like lots of different music, Beefheart, NON, John Coltrane, but they don’t fit the „style” of the group so the influence is not so easy to hear. It’s more on the tradition of formative Australian influences ( the Easybeats, Radio Birdman, the Saints, the Lipstick Killers), without seeing themselves as a „retro” or „revival” group.

We went to ask how they feel the situation in Berlin:  Berlin is a great city. It‘s also a depot for „want-to-be“ artists, „has-been“ artists and people pretending (or intending) to be artists. Too many artists perhaps? Also, Berlins status as a „poor“ city ( in comparison with the money machine of West Germany) means that it is probably programmed that artists should suffer a little to create „on-the-edge“ products. Old-fashioned Romantic Bullshit, actually. I don‘t think living,breathing, sweaty Rock music is currently very fashionable: „clever“ music generated by earnest technocrats with laptop computers is much more a-la-mode in the brave new world. We also play in various electronic groups, but it doesn‘t give us quite the same „kick“ as the Meths.

Chris Hughes, well known Ex-pat drummer. Since he played and stayed in Berlin for years, a latter of groups passed his sticks.

Chris Hughes, well known Ex-pat drummer. Since he played and stayed in Berlin for years, a latter of groups passed his sticks.

Their future plan become outrageously tight, hard and exciting. To be so good that it is embarrassing. And not to split into atoms by fighting and arguing with each other. Not to play any more cover-songs, from now on only to plaguarise (it’s more credible). Aside from that, the band is better musically and performance-wise than ever before.

Tonight they were with a newer Bruno Adams thing, but the Spirits took the pot.
But it is a complete mystery why the M.S. don’t play every week and why we are not invited to play more parties, weddings, funerals, etcetera. No party is complete without the M.Spirits lubricating your living-room. Or maybe it’s because someone heard them sayn hay, were the coolest, like drag lovers. You know what I mean.

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