Guitar Wolf – Red Idol (Narnack)

Fun noise and flying saucers

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Guitar Wolf – Red Idol (Narnack)

Von AC Horn

If you missed the latest Guitar Wolf show at the Magnet Club in June 04 there is a chance to capture a little live action on DVD. The first clip starts out in simulated LoFi , with interference, supersolarization and a lot of grainy noise. Trash video aesthetics of the kind found in yamongst your old VHS tape collection that gathered dust close to the magnetic field of the guitar amplifier. The three Rock n´ Roll guys from Guitar Wolf look like Bosozoku (japanese Bikergangs) and their main demeanor  is to stay as cool as coolcat can. They have been on the scene for 15 years now, in leather  outfits, greasy hairstyles and sunglasses that can´t be permeated by the sun’s rays in any way. They intend to keep on going till the earth is finally attacked by flying saucers so they can fulfill their prophecy of saving the earth for the sake of playing even more live shows that will rock the planet. As seen in their zombie-musical parody  Wild Zero, cutting some UFOs in half (with their light ray swords) and blasting away some fucking Zombies are their favorite occupations. There are a couple of live clips on the DVD, a lucky thirteen altogether, that are exactly what is to be expected. All-out blaring distortion and incredibly powerful full blast attacks of guitar debauchery that won´t stop till the final chord is ended for an audience left completly flattened.

This is intercut with some sloppy interview cuts ranging from John Spencer, Tim Kerr or Eric Friedl (Goner Records) who produced their first record back then in Memphis/Tennessee. He is talking about the fucked up quality of their first release that actually helped to exaggerate the garage sound of the band. So there is fun, there is noise and there are flying saucers!!!

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