Robot Koch – Death Star Droid

Robots Don´t Sleep / 31.10.2009 / February 26, 2010 Remix

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Robot Koch – Death Star Droid


Driven by distorted glitch and following on from the Aftershocks EP, Berlin’s own Robot Koch’s Death Star Droid kicks off with a dirty electro-slut floor filler. Things mellow into a spooked D&B shuffle haunted by a single vocal sample, “Away”. The simplicity and spareness belying the fact that producer/beatmaker’s music can have a tendency to get a little lost in the detail, polished up to a coffee table sheen.

Koch sidesteps this with enough detail to maintain interest without overwhelming the propulsive, and kinetic function of the beats. Vocal samples, synthy nods to disco and a constant inventiveness which never outstays its welcome. The whole built and rebuilt around a super phat digital pulse that finds its natural home on the dancefloor.

Love and the machine shows more deconstructive instincts. A cover of People are Strange (featuring Grace) resets the tone again and songs emerge and demerge in digital sub bass wobble and a crackle of handclaps.

Robot Koch’s various other projects, club heavy JAHCOOZI, post rockers The Tape, mixtape and remix contributions are all threaded together on Death Star Droid. Kindred post-colonial eclecticist Jayce Clayton (aka DJ Rupture) wrote recently “listeners (are) journeying further afield than ever before, eager to fold what they hear back into whatever they’ve got cooking up at home”. This is a breadth of listening you can hear throughout Death Star Droid – and the artwork is damn cool as well.

PMC056 – Robot Koch – Death Star Droid Remix – snippet by Project Mooncircle

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