The Hands of the Wrong People – Spring Flakes (Peopod)

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The Hands of the Wrong People – Spring Flakes (Peopod)


Opening in a manner strongly reminiscent of Orange Juice at their happy best
Dominic Hislop’s debut for Peapod recordings, Spring Flakes, offers uncomplicated dreamy and sometimes slight guitar pop.

Though spiritually allied with the more literate corners of alt-folk this is anything but lo-fi, the simplicity of the production, drums, mostly acoustic guitar, bass, the occasional harmony, sounds unforced and spontaneous but if anything, to my ears it is a little too complete, a little slick. Slave to its own sincerity it doesn’t meander or indulge in theatricality, elaborate arrangements or surprising texture but modestly plucks and strums along in a comfortable summery groove.

When the odd phrase, “Spray paint by the river says, fuck the mainstream, fragment the flow” jumps out, it sounds anachronistic. Hislop can hold a tune and his voice has an integrity but more often than not on
Spring Flakes it sounds like these are songs that might benefit from a bigger treatment. The writing bolder and more original than the delivery.

01.Four Letter
03.Sweet Storms
05.Long Shadow
09.Goodwill kill
10.Bad Icon

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