Randy Twigg, Undone 2009

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Randy Twigg, Undone 2009


As Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro, Kim Gordon, Kathreen Hanna, Karen ‘O, Jennifer Hegarty, Texas Terry and a hundred others have proved time and time again, rock ‘n roll is a girl thing. A whiff of estrogene brings the roll, the polysexual ambivalent sway ‘n shudder, which makes it a DANCE music – which compel the feet to move and give it emotional content.

The ten tracks on Randy Twigg’s Undone go on a journey from jaded swagger via beatboxing to violin confessional. Deceptively simple tick-tock mechanisms, with trashy-cool tech riffs – show a musician at the top of her game, an ace of bass with a raw and wry honesty.

Opening Like Courtney L at her best, Done up – “her eyes open up / they burn holes in her face / they think she looks real pretty /this way” – the improbably named Randy Twigg, Canadian, currently residing in Neimand’s land, but touring in April – puts her cards on the table.

By Made of Mouse, I’m sold. Though there’s the odd dip toward American college rock, the groove is solid and the writing strong.

Centrefold , should be getting Miss Nisker a little wet and deserves to be a dancefloor smash. Here a fat dirty bass, as much indepted to rave, at least as reinterpreted by Le Tigre, as any Quatro-esque hangover – pumps up the volume.

Suitcase, shot here at 103 last year by Olaf Nohr, gives an idea of what’s in store for those lucky enough to see her gig at West Germany in May.

Randy Twigg

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