Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

VÖ: 04.05.10; Warp

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Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma


The third outing from Lotus is embellished with intricate pen and ink graphics which appropriately suggest a mad cabalist’s attempt at a theory of everything. A few tracks in and re-pitched jazz licks are vying for attention with sirens, harps and broken D&B inflected beats stumbling off in several different directions at once.

Cosmogramma is a somewhat queasy listening experience determined to push the envelope to the outer limits. Here, the increasingly ubiquitous and obligatory, 8-bit bleeps occupy the displaced space of Sun Ra, glitchy ambiance giving way to bass wobble and lopsided skwee and disco pulse. Despite the fact that everything and the kitchen sink are thrown into the discombobulating mix, its frantic pace remains giddily optimistic.

With little exceeding the 4 minute mark the effect is of a kind of attention deficit hyper jazz that would become wearing were it not for the sun-kissed soulfulness which shines through. Even at its most abrasive and disorientating Cosmogramma has a distinctly Californian and cinematic vibe and a complexity which will reward repeated listening.


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