Dumbell – Instant Apocalypse

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September 1st, 2008 | 0 Kommentare ...  

Dumbell – Instant Apocalypse


The 27 (count ‘em) tracks that constitute Dumbell’s Instant Apocalypse are both a slap around the chops and proof that you can have too much of a good thing.

This muscley collection of Punkrock from the Ruhrgebiet somehow slipped through the Dorf mail network of dead letter drops and so we missed ‘em at White Trash. A shame cos this is a reet neet treat, Terror Planet in particular jumping out of the speakers with a Richard Hell sneer from Paul Grace Smith.

One of em’s even called Boredom – what’s not love. Only thing is (as on Let’s Degenerate) it really is a bit too late – kidz. CBGBs closed down, The Ramones are dead (hell even the Museum has closed its doors). Me I’m stopping in with a bottle of vodka and an old Dead Moon record.


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