Death Vessel – Nothing is Precious Enough for Us

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Death Vessel – Nothing is Precious Enough for Us


From the name you might be expecting some goth/avant-metal noisefest, if you were you would be disappointed. Instead Death Vessel present ten tracks of plangent tasteful folk, understated and pretty, decorated with occasional brass and banjo and all rather lovely and lilting in a sub Bonnie Prince Billy / Gillian Welch kind of way. Unfortunately the relentless cheerfulness of it all makes it feel a little insubstantial, there is nothing here that will move you to tears, provide solace or cold beauty.

On closer listening, underneath the strummed and picked acoustics, there are small electronic burblings ( Block my Eye ) and little twists of feedback which save it from interminable tweeness and keep the interest piqued. On Jitterkadie the immanent threat of an electric hoedown is just about held at bay and a strange, lopsided string section and muted trumpet cavort around The Widening. These touches, and the lovely electric piano on hidden track, Taken up Again contain just enough musical surprises to maintain interest but, surprisingly given the quality of the semi stream of consciousness lyrics, the narrowness of the emotional palette breeds ennui.

Death Vessel

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