CSS – Donkey (Subpop)

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CSS – Donkey (Subpop)


CSS’s Donkey is clad in silver foil and may, or may not, come from another planet. Their donkey is a space donkey, a brash pop creature that lives in the jungle and insists on your complete attention in a kind of radio pop frenzy of constant (over) production, each song sticking around 60 seconds or so after it gets annoying, none particularly identifiable from any other.

Madge and Pink and other captains of industry are the clearly identifiable muses of this production. The sophomore outing from Miss Lovefoxxx’s Brazilian troupe sacrifices the artistic clamour and homemade electrotropicalia of their debut for empty anthems, callow keyboard riffs and noisy, mostly uninteresting, guitars, assembling them into guaranteed dancefloor hits and radio friendly cannon fodder.

This Donkey has been stitched together with sparkling pop threads but the tinsel it is stuffed with is soon exposed and destined for ubiquity or forgetting. The wisdom this space donkey has come to us to impart is that, in pop, banality equals popularity. Unsurprisingly its attempts to sound celebratory just come across as worn and cynical.

People of the Earth, you have been warned.

1. Jager Yoga
2. Rat Is Dead (Rage)
3. Reggae All Night
4. Give Up
5. Left Behind
6. Beautiful Song
7. How I Became Paranoid
8. Move
9. I Fly
10. Believe Achieve
11. Air Painter

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