Chase the Dragon – Replacing Space (self released)

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Chase the Dragon – Replacing Space  (self released)


Whilst the Dragon (or is it an owl?) that features on the cover of Chase the Dragon’s ,Replacing Space could, at a stretch, be thought to look a little drug addled, it’s a graphic that wouldn’t look out of place on a teenage Japanese schoolgirl’s satchel. More Puff the Magic Dragon than Smack the Tragic Dragon. Whatever the mythical beast being chased here, The names of the lands we crossed do not include H-Stadt or J-Town. Unfortunate, because otherwise, this is duo that chooses their words, and phrases their vocals with some consideration.

The pursuit of this beast is chivalrous to a fault, polite and rather fey, posed angst slathered in delicate strings and pianos and aimed straight at the cold dead hearts of Coldplay fans. Which is to say that it drifts pleasantly in a slightly soporific Sunday afternoon way, glides up into falsetto and feels distinctly Swedish, this is the “Northern way”, The Lasting.

“Could we just apologise for the things we never did?” asks Could We but its “neglected core priorities” turn into packaged sadness on their version of All Idle Hands, In the streets of my hometown, its tastefulness at times overbearing.

The quintet ends with a sample of rain and a plaintive violin bidding Goodnight Güstow, a Brandenburg Dorf. A place wherin, perhaps, the only dragons are in your dreams.

Chase the Dragon are Robin Bellermann, vocals, guitar and percussion and Mathius Schieweck, synthesiser, vocals, strings and four track

1. the names of the lands we crossed
2. the Lasting
3. Could We
4. Streets of my hometown (cover)
5. Goodnight Güstrow

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