Blue Sabbath Black Fiji – Stamina Stamini

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Blue Sabbath Black Fiji – Stamina Stamini


Metal held in check by the tick of a cheap drum machine, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji’s Stamina Stamini comes on like Guitar Wolf with Sun Ra was a Wookie. All distort and piss, walls of unruly feedback in a screaming no-fi jam that makes RTX look lickety slick. Psych –fuzz jammin’ on a broken four track that points its voodoo ray toward the Dead C’s overdriven underground and Pussy Galore’s infamous trashing of Exile on Main Street.

That out of its system, things all get a bit more deconstructed on Scutting and Scooting, reverb and delay slicing up the thrash from a pile of loose beats. It just keeps getting crunchier as guitar and electronics dissolve into 8-bit screams and flares of white noise scribbled over with electrical storms of feedback. ATR style catastrophe is brewed up and served as Deadhead anti-jam ensuring the same car always crashes into stop start mayhem and coarsely minced math rock.

The crash bang wallop soundtrack to a baroque disaster movie and guaranteed to either clear your thick ears of tinnitus or send the neighbours running to the hills.

Dorf wants to know, which space jazz legend co-piloted the millennium Falcon? The first correct answer received gets a copy of Stamina Stamini in an envelope.


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