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31 Mai 2010 in English &Features &Interviews
PEACHES: A Voice Full of Emotion

Peaches is back for further performances of Peaches Christ Superstar in HAU Theater.

27 Apr 2010 in English &Live-Reviews
Men and Cats graced the stage despite the lack of Human Toys

Men, Cat N Guyen live at Festsaal Kreuzberg, 20.4.2010

16 Apr 2010 in English &Interviews
KIKI BOHEMIA: Ich bin eine Berlinerin, Bohemian

An Interview with Kiki Bohemia

18 Feb 2007 in English &Features
I prefer to work only with one person

Kitty Solaris, Berlin’s indie rock icon is soft-spoken but on stage watch out for her tenacious musical fury.

07 Nov 2006 in English &Features
She rocks so hard she doesn’t even need a band

New York’s Penny Arcade will perform her new show, Rebellion Cabaret in Berlin at the King Kong Klub Thursday 23rd November.

24 Sep 2006 in English &Live-Reviews
Peaches brought Herms to Berlin

Live at Postbahnhof, 7.09.06