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01 Mai 2006 in Live-Reviews
Hardcore Superstars

Live at White Trash 19.5.06

24 Apr 2006 in Live-Reviews

Epoxies, The Briefs Live im Kato, 30.3.2006

15 Jan 2006 in English &Features
Speed Madness & Flying Saucers (2005, Regie: Martin Deckert & Chloé Griffin)

A constant mise-en-scène, with existential undertones, promoting a tremendous variety of different story ideas.

14 Jan 2006 in Features
Santos – Heldentaten, die keiner braucht

Filmpremiere im Babylon Mitte 19.12.2005

12 Nov 2005 in Live-Reviews
Grubby Things & The Applicators

6.11.05 im Tommy Weissbecker Haus/Kreuzberg

14 Okt 2005 in Live-Reviews
Manische Attacke

Berlin Insane 3 mit Mignon, Thom Revolver, Sexo y Droga, The Scandals, Kesseteens, The Nothings u.a. im 103 Club/Kreuzberg

22 Aug 2005 in English &Live-Reviews
When Decadence Arrives

Electrocute, Boy from Brazil, Electronicat, Miss le Bomb, Caramel Empties in the Secret Room/103, Kreuzberg

12 Jul 2005 in Live-Reviews
Psycho-garage schlägt zurück

The Black Lips im West Germany, 7.7.2005

25 Mai 2005 in Live-Reviews
Rafgier II

Rafgier 2 mit The World Domination,Gene Serene,Dahlia, 21.5.2005, Gewerbehof Saarbrücker Str.

22 Mrz 2005 in English &Live-Reviews
Hip City Circus Dwarfes

The Dwarves, Hippriests, Sin City Circus Ladies at Kato, 15.3.2005